Top 3 Powerful Development boards to Choose From

Top 3 Powerful Development boards to Choose From

Choosing the best motherboard will be among your top challenges if you are a gaming enthusiast or a software geek who wants to set up a new system. Though graphics cards and massive CPUs are leading the market trends today, we will dive a bit deeper to find the top robust motherboards for you to choose from. The importance of selecting the correct motherboard is such that every part of your personal computer gets plugged into your motherland. Also, your PC case will be determined by your motherboard’s form factor (E-ATX, ATX, Mini ITX, etc.). Similarly, your motherboard’s chipset and socket will decide the type of processors you can install in your system.

If you are doubtful about which type of motherboard chipset you should use for your gaming motherboard or have queries about the basics of how a motherboard works, this blog is for you. Following is a buyer’s guide to read that will address all the features that will help your narrow down your choice for the best motherboard.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Motherboard

When selecting a motherboard, the following are the things you must keep your attention to:

Type of Sockets

Selecting the correct type of socket for your computer is an essential prerequisite. Whatever processor you select, ensure that your motherboard has the proper socket type to support. And when we say the correct sockets, we mean AM4 CPU sockets for AMD chips, LGA 1200 sockets being used in Intel’s 11th Gen Core CPUs, and LGA 1700 for 12th Gen.

Size of Motherboards

A pro tip; the smaller motherboards, the better because they come with fewer features and fewer slots. Though motherboards are available in three sizes; large, medium, and smaller. It is preferred to go for smaller chassis because with micro and mini boards; you will have to deal with fewer expansion slots. Few RAM slots and connectors keep you tension-free.

Extra Features

You don’t always need to go for high-end ports and built-in Wi-Fi ports if you do not require it, preferably if you are using Ethernet. The bests advice someone can give you is to future-proof your system with USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Thunderbolt support.

Top 3 Powerful Development Board to Choose From

#1- Rockchip RK3588 Development Board

Rockchip RK3588 Development kit is one of the most potent motherboard models that combine high stability, authoritative performance, and a rich interface. The top specifications to choose Rockchip RK3588 are its mainstream deep learning framework support, octa-core 64-bit processor, 32GB storage memory, and 8K video decoder and encoder.

#2- RK3568 Development Board

The second recommendation in our list of Rockchip development kits is RK3568. This high-performance, highly scalable, and powerful processor supports full format H.264 decoder by 4K@60fps. Best recommended for security use, commercial display, industrial control, and similar other fields.

#3- RK3566 Development Board

The third most recommended Rockchip development kit is RK3566. The best thing to choose for this motherboard is its high performance (4-core A55 architecture processor, graphics processor, and integrated G52), high reliability (continuous stable operation, industrial-grade motherboard design), and high scalability (standard interface).


If you are looking to buy your new gaming set up or build your software set up, choosing the correct motherboard is one of the most significant considerations. It just not allows you to select the suitable PC case sizes but also keeps you considerate with your accessories. The above three Rockchip motherboard types are some of the trending models in the market, and you can easily choose from them.