What is the limit on Hose length when pressure washing?

What is the limit on Hose length when pressure washing?

You recently purchased a new pressure washer and are now confused about choosing the suitable hose length, or are you a pressure washer user for a while and want to change your current hose to find a better one? It can be a difficult situation in both cases.

 Pressure washers are all about choosing the right pressure, water flow rate, nozzle, and hose. When you first get a pressure washer, there are many FAQs one wonders about. The first question is asked when one is considering buying a hose: "What are the limits of hose length for a pressure washer”? That is what we will discuss here.

 What are the limits on hose length for a pressure washer?

If you are using your pressure washer for household purposes, the minimum length of your hose must be 50ft, and if you have no better reason, the maximum length should be around 100ft. Theoretically, a deficit of nearly 4-5psi occurs for every 100ft of length, which is negligible. So, the need to select a hose of the right length for yourself is mainly for your personal comfort and convenience.

It takes nearly 15-16 kilometers to have 0 psi at the end of the hose on typical pressure water. As we run our washers in the distance too shorter than this, so the length of our hose doesn't make much of a difference to the Pressure washer's functioning, per se.

 Why picking a hose of the right length is recommended:

As mentioned earlier, the length of a hose has no extraordinary impact on your pressure washer’s operation unless you are using it to work miles away. For household use, the hose of your pressure washer should be only a little longer than your maximum requirement. There are some downsides to using a very long or a very short hose. The short ones are hard to use for a long distance because they just can't extend that long! The longer ones, among others, come with one simple problem: they are difficult to handle.

Super-long hoses cause the following discomforts:


The longer your pressure washer’s hose gets, the greater are the prospects of its damage.

 More bucks to pay:

Longer hoses are expensive to buy, so if you don’t need a long hose, it’s better to fight off the desire for it as well. You don’t want to waste your bucks!

 Delays in operation:

There is yet another issue with longer hoses; if the hose is too long, you would see delays in starting and stopping your pressure washer.

 Consumes more energy:

To put it simply, a hose that is too long, such as one longer than 200ft, is proportionally heavy and will demand more of your energy and muscle! You definitely want your pressure washer to consume electric power, not your body's power!


Although it can be hard at first to choose the suitable hose length for your pressure washer, as you have read above, the recommended limits for hose length are pretty clear. Only choose the length that is more befitting your requirements and comfort!