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The Puerto Rico Global Initiative of ConPRmetidos is the only worldwide network that promotes the economic development of the Island. We believe that knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer collaboration are both key to access new business opportunities, unlock career connections, catalyze our economic growth and empower Puerto Rican communities everywhere.


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“ConPRmetidos has connected us to mentors, local industry experts, and influential government and private sector stakeholders in Puerto Rico. The organization is committed to ensuring that the Diaspora is engaged in the long-term, sustainable economic revitalization of the Island.”

Bianca Cabán

Managing Partner, Taino Capital LLC

Kristian Ramírez

Business Developer at Spotery
"Thanks to Puerto Rico Global we were able to connect and meet with private equity investors in New York and San Juan that were interested in our project!”
“Thanks to the Puerto Rico Global network we were able to meet and recruit our new Analyst Malén, who has become a true asset for the corporation. We are thrilled to be a part of this effort to reverse our Island's brain drain."

Rodolfo Sánchez-Colberg

Managing Partner Parliament Capital

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